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Status: good. better than good. noticed while at the gym yesterday that I wasn’t feeling miserable and dragging my feet as usual. Also noticed that my sinuses have cleared up and that I can actually breathe, I’m not as stuffy as usual. I may extend my non-drinking experiment into February because I’m quite liking this.

I have a date this afternoon. She seems nice, looks normal. Seems normal from our limited correspondence. Based upon past experience, this isn’t a sign of something that will last. I gravitate towards these ‘Lost Girl’ types who have a bit of an edge – usually identified through tattoos and scars on their arms from cutting. Always found it difficult to relate to “normals”, and they to me. They just don’t hold my attention at all. However, I’m going to make a concerted effort and be patient, let things develop over time and let’s see where this goes. I’ll reserve judgment based upon if there is a connection until after I get to know her a little bit better.

This situation with the school students and the Native American gentleman/activist in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I don’t know exactly what happened, and I don’t care that much. What I do care about are the negative reactions to the truncated video clip which seem to be based solely on the skin colour of the school students in contrast to the Native American. Guilt was assigned purely based upon the skin colour of the participants, which has been further amplified by individuals who have chosen to also focus on their gender and alleged membership in a nebulous organisation. My question is this: we have anti-discrimination laws on the books, yet they don’t seem to be applicable to news outlets and social media platforms, why is this?




Winter Storm and Monday Mornings


Status: good. more than good. I’m liking these pain-free Monday mornings, and the reclamation of my Sundays as well. I may continue on with this past the end of January. Maybe.

Discovered over the weekend what I had been telling myself vis-à-vis being comfortable when out-and-about taking photos. We had our first winter storm of the season over the weekend, which was an optimal time to practice photography in the inclement weather conditions. Problem: I don’t have the equipment to stay outdoors in -30c (with wind-chill) weather. Made an attempt on Saturday and lasted about 10 minutes, I think, before I binned it in favour of the warmer indoor environment. My hands were aching so badly, it took a good 15-20 mins to for them to warm up and stop aching. That’s a major red flag, and a sign that perhaps I shouldn’t do that. It foolish to flirt with disaster like that. And of course, something I already knew and was reminded of; when it comes to photographing outdoors, you need to be comfortable in order to be able to stay outside for long periods of time. I don’t have the right equipment for that, but going forward I need to make sure that I’m prepared. Another lesson learned on this journey to photography nirvana.

Insurance company. I accepted the offer over the weekend, so the ball is now in their court. Not overly enthused about the position because it feels like I’m covering old territory, however it may be best to enter the new company through a familiar paths versus green fields. I mean there is going to be plenty of new things to get used to – people, environment, culture, systems, etc. – so, this will be one less thing to tackle. And I expect that they’ve not told me everything, so there will be surprises. That said, the pay is good. It’s actually very good. They’ve been very accommodating on that front, so I’m very grateful for that.

Expect that my start date will be somewhere in May, so that will give me some more time to work on these Bucket List items.




Myato Gastropub – Toronto – November 24, 2018

Myato Gastropub is a Korean fusion restaurant and “Sul Jip” that focuses on both drinks and food, exploring the boundaries of Korean cuisine to provide an enjoyable experience throughout the night.

Address: 549 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1Y6

1. Chamisul Fresh – Soju
2. Kimchi Jeon – in-house vegan kimchi with soy mayo
3. Black Sesame Chicken – fried chicken thigh, soy honey, black sesame powder
4. Crispy Bossam – fried pork belly, ssamjang, in-house kimchi paste
5. New York Cheesecake – in-house blueberry jam

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Jacobs & Co Steakhouse – Toronto – October 20, 2018

Jacobs & Co Steakhouse blends the timeless steakhouse experience with the sleek modernity of a new generation. The elegant piano bar is a nod to the past, while streamlined yet comfortable décor ensures the experience of every guest is warm and modern. Executive Chef Danny McCallum sources select cuts from the best ranches throughout North America, Australia and Japan, adapting the menu each evening to ensure each guest’s culinary experience reflects the standards that Jacobs is renowned for. A key feature of the dining room is the Dry Aging Room, where each cut is finished to its most perfect state. Guests delve into the fascinating world of steak, selecting their cut by region, age and ranch. Meals are complete with classic choices such as Caesar salads prepared tableside, a raw bar of oysters and chilled seafood, and unpretentious and knowledgeable hospitality. It is no wonder the restaurant is one of Zagat’s top rated in Toronto. Dining at Jacobs & Co never goes out of style.

Address: 12 Brant Street Toronto, ON M5V 2M1

1. Canadian Prime Hereford-Guelph, ON – Tenderloin
2. Mushrooms
3. Duck Fat French Fried Potatoes
4. Parusso “Bussia” 2012, DOCG Barolo

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My horoscope yesterday:

“A positive attitude is essential today, because if you let negative thoughts enter your mind it could stop you taking advantage of opportunities that are designed by the universe to make you materially and emotionally richer. It’s all good, so be happy.”

I find astrology moderately entertaining and curiously accurate, and cynically I always check yesterday’s installment to see if it was an accurate reading, and this one was very relevant to something that I struggle with on an ongoing basis.

I do wrestle with depression and have a (bad) habit of lending too much weight to the empty portion of the glass, so this is sage advice. And it also fits the above picture which I took quite well.

Now, to put that into practice……..








Kinko Izakaya – Toronto – October 6, 2018

Relentlessly festive Japanese tapas hot spot with a strong sake selection & woody interior.

Address: 559 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1Y6


Takoyaki – deep fried octopus balls w/ tonkantsu sauce and mayo
Takowasabi – marinated octopus with wasabi stem
Pork Kakuni – braised pork belly, pumpkin puree, rapini, shredded red pepper, shichimi pepper, boiled egg, sweet soy sauce
Izumi Draft Sake – Junmai – from Toronto’s distillery district
Matcha Cheesecake – matcha green tea cheesecake w/ green tea ice cream

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Next Music from Tokyo Vol 13 – Elephant Gym

Elephant Gym is a bass-driven, math rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The band formed in 2012 and is composed of Tif on bass, Tell on guitar, and Chia-Chin on drums. Elephant Gym delivers clear and memorable bass lines, emotional guitar riffs, and melodic drumming in their mostly instrumental song production. Since 2013, Elephant Gym has started to invite singers to compose with them.

Tell and Tif are siblings. In their childhood, their mother taught them classical music into their adolescence. Later, they developed an interest in rock music, especially post rock and math rock. Tell met Tu in a high school music club and formed Elephant Gym along with Tif after discovering they all shared the same taste in music.

Elephant Gym may seem an unusual name for a band but it describes their music perfectly.  Elephant is a metaphor for their low-end bass-centric sound while gym is short for the intricate musical gymnastics characteristic of math rock.

Fans of Japanese math rock bands such as toe and JYOCHO that excel at emotional music with clean instrumentation should fall in love with Elephant Gym in a heartbeat.

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