Out With the Old


But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will.

Status: postponed my writing from this morning because I thought I’d have something to say as the day went on. But, I don’t. Head full of cotton even though I got a good night’s sleep. Having a hard time wrapping my head around the possibility of this being an after effect from NYE, which was two days ago. All I know is I have no momentum and I’m just dragging my feet through the day, going through the motions and allowing all of The Usual Suspects to distract me from doing what’s important. Telling myself, “I’ll try again tomorrow”, is becoming a recurring theme and habitual cycle which I’d like to break.

On a more positive note, I did close off all of the administrative tasks scheduled for today. I’ve also responded to the preliminary “offer” provided by the insurance company. It’s a reasonable offer, just want them to tweak a few details. The HR manager is out until Monday, so don’t expect a response until next week.

The weekend and NYE was uneventful – the usual stuff. Had a coffee date on Monday which I’m sure is not going to progress. I’d could see the disinterest and the ‘waiting-to-be-dismissed’ body language early in the interaction, but I was able to get a halfway decent response a little ways into the date. Good enough.

Bumped into someone I hadn’t seen in a while on NYE. Great body, dumb as a bag of rocks. I can tell that she’s interested, but I passed and am now regretting it a little bit. I should at least give her a bit of a chance. I have a bad habit of dismissing people too quickly – and I keep catching myself doing that. Something to work on in 2019, for sure.

Nikon D3400
1/30 sec
ISO 100