The One


If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one.

Status: good. a little tired. dragging my feet this morning. For some reason my post from yesterday “exploded” and received more views than usual. Not sure why. Took a look at the tags and they are the same as was used in previous posts, although they are less of them. Maybe that’s it.


Knocked out two pages this morning and I have five more pages to complete before I am finished the first issue. I’ll try and kill off those pages between today and tomorrow, so that I’m going into the weekend with a clean slate. I’ll then circle back and start working on the second draft of the short story I completed almost two weeks ago.

Or at least that’s the plan. I have a few more story ideas I’d like to work on, and all of a sudden I’m flat out busy and realising just how much time goes into creating this stuff. Not surprising, but at this rate I’ve got at least 6 months worth of ideas to work on, and I need to make sure that I finish some of these stories and attempt to publish them versus working on everything and then completing nothing.


Itching to push forward on this, and realising that I may be biting off more than I can chew. A bit challenging to focus on both this and the writing at the same time, but I’ll have an opportunity to get more practice at The Artist Project this weekend, and I still have the photos from the Auto Show last weekend to process. Tried processing one of the construction pics from last weekend and was not happy with the result, so maybe it’s best to set this aside for the moment.

I also have the food pics from Playa Cabana to post as well. Still. They’ve all been processed and are ready to go, just need to organise them in sequence for posting and wrap some commentary around them. If I have some spare time tomorrow after completing the five pages noted above then I’ll work on this.


I have three months left before I start my new job, so want to make the most of this time to complete as much as I can. Once I start work then my priorities will shift. Damn it. Stay focused, dude. It scares me a little, but it’s a sound plan.

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Thursday Thoughts


Loneliness is not lack of company, loneliness is lack of purpose.

Status: better. my body is still craving sleep, so it was tough to get up this morning. better than yesterday, though. I’ll do my usual and catch up on some sleep on Friday night. My “OCD” won’t let me do otherwise.


The photo I posted on IG and this blog yesterday, titled “Walking at Night”, was picked up by TO Haunted Tours who very kindly asked if they could re-post it with credit on their account. I said, yes. They then applied a filter to it, didn’t know you could do that, and added a short haunted story before reposting on their IG account. It looked good, and I am so happy that it was found by someone and they derived some enjoyment from it. I’ll call that a Win.

Typically positives run in series of threes to balance out the negatives, but I’m so happy with this I think it’s worth all three.


I have a lot going on here. Multiple opportunities and a confirmed date for Saturday night at a Mexican restaurant called Playa Cabana. It comes highly recommended. A little unsure about the date, though. Met her on a dating app, she has been a little hesitant to share a photo of herself – she posted one briefly to the site, but it was not the best quality, and then she took it down. I typically have not had good results from following through on dates like this. She may be shy, but more than likely she is hiding something, so that’s red flag number one. She has also come across as a little needy over the text messages we’ve been exchanging. That’s red flag number two. Against my better judgement I’m going to follow through and honor my commitment.

(I don’t want to sound negative and taint the outing with a bad attitude, but I’m more curious about my willingness to go on this date. Because I’ve had poor outcomes from similar past experiences, I’m usually not willing to waste my time, or her time, going on dates like this. But, I’m making an exception for this one. Why? Suspect time will tell……..)

Ok, let’s get on with it…….

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The Law of Three


Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it. 

Status: sick. not at Death’s Door sick, but still sick. Went to the gym yesterday which probably didn’t help, but better to do that than sit at home and have it niggling away in the background.

Toying with this concept of bad things happening in threes, or a series of three negative events. Perhaps a bit of a negative way of looking at things, but the pattern seems to hold true. Or at least that’s what I want to see. Need to take stock at some point and see if it’s balanced out by three good things. When I have a moment (which means I’m going to set it to the side and then forget all about it until I hit another series of three bad events, where I’ll have this conversation with myself all over again – kinda like Groundhog’s Day, but with less good-looking people).


Sick. Fuck. It’s not the End-of-the-World, but I’m just a little bit uncomfortable at the moment. This too shall pass.


I have a very high maintenance tenant. They’ve been in the unit for 3 days and have already sent me an extensive laundry list of issues which need to be remediated. Boggles the mind that someone can be smart enough to become a corporate lawyer, but then struggles with operating an air-conditioner, and turning on lights. I’m not even joking. Three-quarters of the list is like this. Instead of asking the question, “How does the <insert-thing-which-I’m-struggling-to-operate> work?” or, “Can you please show me how to operate this piece of equipment?”, I get an antagonistic absolute peppered with colourful invective which is designed to cattle prod me into action.

I’m not sure how much of that I can handle. Briefly entertained evicting the tenant last night. After three days in the unit.


This might not actually be three, in which case I have one more to look forward to. In any case, walked into The Drake on Saturday afternoon for the date and guess who was working there? Someone I had ongoing relations with for about 18 months, which ended about one year ago. I quite like her, but obviously not enough to continue on with the relationship. So, that was a bit awkward. Reached out via text afterwards to apologise and got a quick, dismissive response (I mean, I think it was dismissive?). She didn’t respond to my follow up. To be expected, I guess.

Not sure if I should feel bad about it, but I do……

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