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Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to.

Status: awake at 2:30am this morning and then couldn’t get back to sleep, so pried myself out of bed at 4:30am and then promptly informed my IG followers that I was awake by updating my story. What would they do without me? All things considered, I don’t feel too bad. Tired, but that’s to be expected. Not too much brain fog this morning, so I’m right on schedule. By the time I get up tomorrow morning it should be all gone, and then I’ll do it all again this coming weekend.

Writing and Photography.

Was planning to write as soon as I got up, but couldn’t muster the energy, so fell down a rabbit hole on YT which lasted about two hours before I caught myself. Perhaps I’m finding the task of writing too daunting and I need to lower expectations? Maybe I need a little bit of time in the morning before I can get going? Actually, a slow start to the day is something I’ve always done. I even find it difficult to train early in the morning and typically prefer something a bit more civilised like coffee/tea and a little reading before officially beginning my day. I think that sounds way more productive than watching YT videos, for sure.

In any case, I decided to process photos instead of doing some writing. Finished off the pictures from the 24th and started on the ones from the 27th. The former date produced some really nice, dramatic Black and White photos which are definitely worth sharing. The latter, not so much. I was experimenting with the Shutter Priority function on the camera, and while the composition is good, the ISO is way too high which means the photos are pretty noisy. This camera is not great with a high ISO setting at night, so I think I’ll retire that function and stick with the Manual setting going forward.


I was due to get together with The Blonde Girl on Sunday, but she cancelled last minute. Yeast infection, or some such. We didn’t have any firms plans past agreeing to get together in the afternoon. I’ve seen this behaviour before; it’s a lack of interest (on both sides) and I’m going to call it now: between the two of us we’ll allow it to die. I’ll be very surprised if she reaches out to me this week, and I’m not going to make the effort, so I think that will be the end of that.

Time to forgive myself for the faux pas of today and try again tomorrow….

Nikon D3400
1/60 sec
ISO 800



Photography and Comicon


Status: groggy. head stuffed full of cotton. I slept heavily and for a long time last night, but still woke up feeling like I had a hangover even though I didn’t drink anything. I had zero forward momentum this morning. I was out and about on Saturday night, but didn’t drink all that much when compared to what I normally imbibe. So, feeling like this on a Monday morning was a little unexpected. When I get back to the island I’m going to retire this aspect of my life.

In the meantime…….


Spent the whole weekend at Comicon taking photos and such. I can already see an improvement in the composition of my shots from the ones I took 6 months ago at the FanExpo. I seem to be gravitating more towards portrait style photography of the cosplayers – I like seeing the human element in the costumes versus the actual costumes themselves. I also found that I’m taking more photos of People Doing Things, or street photography as it’s referred to sometimes. Something to keep in mind going forward and as I continue to develop my style.

Another positive from the weekend: one of the guests at the event asked me to take a portrait photo of him and also offered to pay me for it. I declined the money, but took the photos just for the experience. I don’t need the money, but perhaps I can use this as a lead into a paying job? Hard to imagine, but we’ll see what happens. In any case, I’ll process his photos and send them over to him in about a week.


Quite a lot to write about here, and I may split this into a couple of entries as I don’t feel like I have the mental capacity to tackle this right now.

The Jewish lady accompanied me to the Con on Saturday and I was really uncomfortable the whole time she was with me. I spent most of the time feeling anxious about whether or not she was enjoying herself – I mean, not many people are up for these kinds of events and I’m okay with this. It just means that I’ll go on my own, which is not an issue.

I have to stop here. Will pick this up again tomorrow…..






FanExpo Toronto 2018 – Cosplayers – Part 1

FAN EXPO Canada is the largest Comics, Sci-Fi, Horror, Anime, and Gaming event in Canada and the 3rd largest Pop Culture event in North America.

Celebrating its 24th year, FAN EXPO Canada has grown from a small comic book convention attracting 1,500 fans into a multi-faceted, 4-day citywide event that attracts over 129,000 people from around the world.

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