Life happens while you’re busy making plans.


Sometimes I get the feeling that you feel bad about taking me away from some of the things I enjoy doing (the things which make me, me).

You shouldn’t. You didn’t disrupt any of this.

My plan when relocating from Toronto was to leave and never return, or at least not return any time soon. I was going to head to the island and spend the summer settling in. My initial thoughts were to rent a small bachelor’s apartment and throw a mattress on the floor, get a motorcycle and sign up for a gym. I was then going to spend my weekends at the Library reading and writing, and that’s about it. Sounds more like self-imposed exile the more I think about it, but really I just wanted to give myself some space to acclimatize to the new environment and focus on some writing before deciding on what to do next.

Once I’d reached the end of summer I was going to buy some new camera equipment and start photography again – there are lots of places I used to play in as a kid which would make great shots – I have a complete shot list in my head for when I’m ready to pick this up.

I also wanted to do some travelling after the summer and when my probation period was over. Berlin intrigues me for some reason – perhaps its the growing artist community, and there is also something about the city which appeals to my photography side – I think it would be wonderful to just roam Berlin taking photos of city life (just like I used to do in Toronto). The other place which interests me is Scotland, Edinburgh in particular. It’s The Motherland which I haven’t visited since I was 11 years old to spend time with my Grandparents and I feel the need to see it again.

But things changed.

Sourcing a new bachelor’s apartment from TO to coincide with my arrival date was a bit more challenging than expected. The other problem was that I had become accustomed to the lifestyle in Yorkville and was having a hard time right sizing my expectations. Looking at these really basic apartments was less than appealing, so when my tenant at SIX decided to let the lease lapse around the same time I was due to relocate, I decided that it would be easier to just move into the place and if I decided to source a new (smaller) place later, I could do that while on the island. I would then rent out the unit at SIX.

Life happens while you’re busy making plans.

We met and things progressed. My plans have shifted slightly, but not that much. I knew that it was going to take some time for me to settle back into island life, so thought that the first month was going to be a write off. But you were here for that, you were here for me, and I can’t thank you enough. I could have made the transition on my own, but it was a hell of a lot easier with you, and I really appreciated the support you gave me through the transition.

I love you with all my heart for doing that for me.

There have been times when I’ve missed the alone time I used to have for daydreaming and writing. But these have been few and far between. I’ve just been enjoying spending time with you more than I have enjoyed being alone. This will change. I feel the pull to do something creative, to do some writing, which is cathartic for me. I find that it helps to process my thoughts which in turn centres me.

That’s the point that I was trying to articulate on Saturday night; obviously I did a pretty poor job of that. As time goes on and we progress, I may need to isolate myself for a few hours at a time so I can do this.

But I’ll always come back to you.

From the beginning you’ve been supportive of me doing things like this and I love you for it. And I think that’s really the point of this long soliloquy, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all of the support you’ve given me. It shows me how much you care, and that really means the world to me.




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