Courage and M


It’s a risk. Its always a risk. Do you have the courage to tell someone I Love You without expecting something in return?

Status: excellent. away from the laptop for a few days, spending time with M. toying with the idea that some of the angst I experience is being driven by my self imposed isolation, and that I need to do a better job of maintaining a balance between solitude and engaging with people – cultivating relationships which I find energising instead of exhausting. I keep forgetting how much I have to share – spending time with M reminds me of that.

And that’s a perfect segue to…..


Not sure exactly where to start here, there’s been so much happening over the last two days. Everything else, everyone else has fallen away and what was originally intended to be a short outing on Sunday turned into spending the bulk of the last two days together getting to know each other.

It’s now Tuesday morning and I’m feeling her absence right now…..

Nikon D3400
1/30 sec
ISO 100


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