An Evening with M


Status: just about okay. very little sleep from a semi-big night. Bigger than expected. Struggling to get going, which is to be expected and it seems like I’ve decided to write off the day. Anxiety levels: high. I’m all brain fog and fat fingers as I try and get into the daily ritual of writing.


Got together with M last night for dinner and drinks, which ended in her spending the night and then leaving at 6:30am this morning. Which was unexpected and also not unpleasant, but it did result in 2 hours of sleep. I honestly don’t know how she’s functioning today, because I’m near useless. It’s almost 2pm and I’m only just starting to write.

I can count the number of women I’ve allowed to spend the night over the last ten years on two fingers. She’s one. As the evening progressed we both lost track of time and when we finally looked at the clock it was 4am. It was at that point that she essentially invited herself to stay because going home at that late hour was a waste of time. I actually agree with that strategy, better to get a few hours sleep and then start the day from my place, but still, that was very well played on her part.

Very. Well. Played.

All joking aside, I’m honestly okay with it. I feel really comfortable around her, and it was pleasant experiencing that closeness from someone who is starting to, uh, imprint themselves onto me? Ummm, yeah that sounds way too clinical. Let’s try that again: it was pleasant experiencing that closeness from someone I’m starting to like. That’s better.

I’d like to dive into this in more detail, because we spent the evening and night deep in conversation about things which are important to us. And that uncovered way more than I expected; it seems like we have way more in common than our Mothers. So much so that I’m now not suprised that we get along as well as we do.

But, that will have to wait until later. Right now lack of sleep is kicking me in the ass a little, and I don’t have the mental acuity to do it proper justice. Beside, I’m much more of a reflective thinker and could use a little bit of time to process it.

Next up: an outing with G this evening. Not sure I really have the energy for this, but it will be a low maintenance affair, so off we go…..