Between Thoughts


Who are you in the silence between your thoughts?

Status: given it’s monday morning, I’m pretty good, actually. Lowered expectations for today, however have been able to complete all of my admin tasks and also unload the images from the weekend photography sessions. I am struggling a little to get moving, but all things being equal I’m not overly lethargic.


Great weekend for photography. Had a late evening and night session in Chinatown on Friday. The following day I brought the camera along for my date on Saturday night and had a few opportunities to take photos despite the rain. Then on Sunday I set aside the usual and went to a yoga conference (heh) at the Metro Convention Centre to take photos and browse around. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get on Sunday, but given the weather was so bad, it was a good option because I could travel underground the whole way there and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time outside. Told myself that I was just going to give it an hour and if I wasn’t enjoying myself then I’d bail and do something else. But, it was better than expected.


So, the Saturday night dinner date with The Tardy One was good. Actually, better than good. I really enjoyed her company. Spent almost two hours at Patios, a Chinese-Jamaican restaurant, where we ate more than I thought humanly possible, and then followed that up with a few video games at Tilt, which was close by. Quickly discovered that she had spent a good portion of her youth playing these games and was beyond good, so spent the evening getting my ass handed to me. First in Mortal Kombat where I won one game out of ten, which is not surprising given I’m not very good at the game (or any game for that matter; they’ve never been able to hold my attention for very long), and then at a racing car game which, it turns out, is her forte. Surprisingly, I was able to hold my own for most of the race and then lost the plot at the end. She was impressed enough at my performance that I got two high fives for being just competitive enough to give her run for her money. So, now that I think about it I’ll call it a win.

I think I have a bit more to say about the weekend, but will pick this up tomorrow when I am a bit more ‘With It’.

Nikon D3400
1/500 sec
ISO 100