Giving Up


Status: good. a wee bit better than yesterday. Day two of unit repairs and I have to admit that I’m finding the intrusion to be bit stressful and disruptive. No, I’m allowing the construction to disrupt me. And of course that’s an excuse to not do any proper writing. So, I’m sitting here in the Library pretending to write and not getting anything done. Again.

On the verge of giving up, honestly.

Draft lease for the place arrived yesterday. Made a few minor amendments and off we go. Big relief that a tenant was found and I’ll be generating fresh income starting in a few days.

The last reference arrived late yesterday which I’ve supplied to the insurance company. The ball is now in their court. Once they’ve completed the reference check and pre-screening process then we can firm up my start date and I’ll officially be on the countdown. The end of this part of my life and onto the next chapter. Wish I was a little more enthusiastic about it.

With three months left I’ve been trying to decide what I’m going to do with the time I have left. Stay put and continue to beat my head against the writing? Or, stay put, bin the writing and focus on the photography? Or, perhaps a combination of both? Or maybe I should just leave this place altogether and do some travelling? Whatever I decide I’ll need to do it quickly, and knowing me I’ll regret the path not taken (because that one is perfect which is a prime opportunity to idealise it).

I kind of wish that this job had not been offered to me. I mean, it’s been a year of submitting applications and having interviews with frustrating results. I already decided that this was the last straw. The last job I was going to apply for and if I didn’t get this one then I was going to head East. Options: heading to the UK and looking for a job in London, or heading even further East and focusing on the photography (and blogging). I really liked the latter idea. I still like that idea.

(And I still think that this is the right choice to make. Impractical, but the right choice)

I’ll mull it over some more…..





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