Status: good. another successful weekend without drinking. I feel so much better. I’m a little surprised that I haven’t been more productive, though. I’m still lethargically moving through my day like I’m recovering from a hangover. Saturday I did SFA and watched TV for most of the day. Yesterday, I ran errands – okay so yesterday was semi-productive. Let’s give myself credit, I’m being too hard on myself – I got something done which I’d been procrastinating about for a few weeks now. Painful, but glad it’s finally done.

In any case, I need to plan some activities in advance so I’m not defaulting to The Usual Sunday Shit. Time to break the habit.

Insurance company sent the offer letter to me on Friday. Afraid to look at it over the weekend. Not overly enthusiastic about it, but the compensation is good. Actually, better than good. I’ve sent back a series of questions on the offer and accompanying material – no show stoppers, but it’ll allow me to delay the inevitable. I have until Friday to accept the offer, and I’ll probably drag it out until then because……….

My network contact has a position available and there is interest in my resume. Heard back from him this morning. No details, but that should come in a few days. I’d like to hear more about this opportunity before deciding on the one which fits best.

Need to follow up with my other network contact. I’ll keep this one in escrow until these other two play out. Prefer to keep this card in my back pocket and circle back to it if needed as a fallback.

The date with the tattooed lady which I cancelled last week. I had a change of heart and rescheduled for tomorrow. She accepted the invite, but was a little snarky via text. Full disclosure: she reached out yesterday to reschedule and I ignored her for 24 hours before responding, so the snark is well earned, I think. Suspect that I’m doing this because I’m bored and also slightly curious. Keeping a record of it because I think this is a bad idea and I want to see if my intuition is good, heh.



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