When I dream, I dream I am beautiful.

Status: still recovering. Awake at 3am, but forced myself to stay in bed until the alarm. Dragging my feet as a result. Seem to have more bad mornings than good ones. Perhaps I need a perspective shift?

Book buyer responded to my counter offer with the sound of violins playing in the distance. The problem is that he’s likely right. Need a little time to mull it over. Part of me says, “just take it, it’s a sunk cost and something is better than nothing. Besides, lugging that pack back home and then shopping it around is probably not worth the time and effort.” The other more stubborn part of me says, “I’d rather burn the books than let this guy significantly profit off me.” Guess I’m just insulted by the offer, especially for the older books, and I don’t enjoy being treated like I’m stupid. Will mull it over and decide on what’s practical.

Third interview yesterday. Strange. Seemed like a rehash of the previous two. Covered items that we had discussed previously. Appreciate that the video call allowed them to see me in person versus just hearing me over the phone, and maybe that’s all it needed to be. Expect that I’ll know by the end of the week if they want to proceed. Curious about compensation, which hasn’t been discussed to date. They’re the only ones who have tackled compensation late in the process, everyone else has touched on that up front – a tactic to save time and/or disqualify candidates who are going to be too expensive.

Second network contact reached out yesterday, so that makes two responses out of three. Good batting average. Potential opportunity in Halifax, however was advised that this is not a perfect fit. Due to speak this afternoon, so let’s see how this progresses…..

Nikon D3400
1/30 sec
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