While we are postponing, life speeds by.

Procrastination as a form of self-flagellation, or at least that’s how I do it. From a very achievable list of tasks (priorities) for the week, I’m under achieving. Writing being at the top of the list. Picking up my thoughts from yesterday, if I’m not really interested in the writing process, and I’m obviously not getting to it by allowing myself to be distracted, then I need to let it go and move onto The Next Thing. I’m just wasting my time daydreaming about and then using it as a weapon against myself when I procrastinate.

Enough of that. Rubber meet road.

Regarding The Next Thing – second interview yesterday and they’re interested. They were projecting their intentions during the interview; I don’t think I’m misreading the situation, however I’ll find out next week and then we can start formalising/agreeing the details. So, without starting the process of counting chickens and based upon the outcome of next week I’m going to do one of two things: take the opportunity (provided we can agree on terms), or I’m going to head East……….

Nikon D3400
1/50 sec
ISO 800