The Return of Photography Practice

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I was warned that this would happen – the first 10,000 photos will be crap, or actually a better way to look at it is this: it’s a learning experience and each photo I take brings me closer to competence and being able to take some really awesome shots. So, I should focus on enjoying the journey and not get too caught up in the missteps along the way. In other words, 1,000 photos down and 9,000 photos to go.

My photo session yesterday was disastrous, not even Lightroom could save the pictures I took. There was one that I was able to salvage in LR and I thought it looked passable, but when I tried to upload it to Instagram, it fell apart. It lost its integrity and was no longer a clear photo. I’ll post it below just for completeness sake, but I think I’d rather just put the whole session behind me.

I’d like to think that last week’s good session was more than just luck, and maybe I just had an off week. Lessons learned: LR will solve all manner of sin, but if the photo isn’t clear then there is no saving it, and I need to re-review the lesson on ISO as I think that’s what really tripped me up.

Anyway, upwards and onwards……..

Updated LR Church of The Redeemer Pic (1 of 1)