Begin Again (2013) – Movie Review

begin again

Rolling Stone continues to praise pretty much any movie out there that revolves around the music industry (most likely due to its slow departure into oblivion). This particular movie gets it right in a lot of ways though. The perspective of the musicians is true to life and the written music was nominated for an Oscar: it’s some of the best songs written for a movie since Almost Famous. The recording scenes are inspiring and the musical energy is palpable to the audience.

As far as the rest of the movie goes, it’s has warmth and truth in the relationships with great performances–suffering mostly from an inexperienced, yet decent, screenplay writer: it is obvious that this movie was written by a musician and not a novelist.

This movie is great If you’re looking for a romantic comedy that’s easy to watch and isn’t over sexualized to make up for the lack of drama. We all love movies like this: they’re cute and fun and about perseverance in dealing with inadequacy.


7 out of 10 stars


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