Next Music from Tokyo Vol 12 – Lucie, Too

Kanako Sekizawa  (bass, chorus)

Naho Shibahara  (drums, chorus)

Chisato Kokubo  (vocals, guitar)

Lucie,Too is a female 3-pc indie-pop band from Utsunomiya, a town two hours by car north of Tokyo. Utsunomiya is famous for its gyoza (potstickers) but soon it’ll be the city known for being the hometown of Lucie,Too.  The name of the band originates from a song by US indie rock band Now Now.  Chisato writes all of the songs and seems to listen to a sh*tload of US and UK twee for inspiration (eg Tiger Trap and Talulah Gosh).  She is unbelievably talented at songwriting and has a genius level aptitude for composing simple yet great songs with timeless melodies.

Flanking Chisato on bass is Kanako who is the coolest bass player you could ever meet. Crazy beautiful but hiding her face behind giant bangs, so smooth yet so ill in her playing technique and footwork, charming and unpretentious in conversation and sporting pants so baggy Rick Howard would blush. (note: I grew up in Vancouver skating in the 90s and was pretty good but Rick was an alien—so naturally talented I basically gave up and quit. lol).  And the backbone holding it together on skins is Naho who blends power with ultra-creative fills.  She used to drum for another band from Utsunomiya named SUNNY CAR WASH but switched over to Lucie,Too to form the ultimate twee-o (*groan*.)





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