Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014) – Movie Review

Hector and the Search for Happiness, raises the most simple and yet the most complex question of all, what is it that truly makes us happy? Multiple number of feel good movies have handled this topic in different ways, but what makes this movie unique is that, it doesn’t shy away from tackling the general conceptions, that one generally considers the reasons for happiness.

Wealth, Sex, Charity, Religion and Meditation all have been touched upon in a funny manner. The good thing about the movie is at no point does it get too preachy, it just shows the life of Hector a psychiatrist, who tends to listen to problem of others, when he himself isn’t satisfied with his own life, despite having what seems like a perfectly good life.

Clara (Hector’s girlfriend) played by Rosumand Pike, has a small role but despite that, she makes her character work and just adds another dimension to Hector’s seemingly yet-so-perfect, but unsatisfactory life.

Peter Chelsom (Director) has handled the concept so well, that every average person will see a bit of them in Hector, eventually the film underlines a simple yet powerful message, that you cannot manufacture happiness. Happiness is all about living in the moment and appreciating who you have and what you have in life, rather than running around and chasing a “perfect life”.

Simon Pegg is brilliant, he has so much room to explore his abilities because of the nature of the screenplay and being the fabulous actor he is, he has done that without a single hiccup. The rest of the support cast have also done a fine job, the movie moves around to different geographical sections of the world, and its the support cast, that make all those geographical shifts work.

Having said that, the movie isn’t without its flaws, the screenplay stagnates at times and takes clichéd routes to communicate certain points, the climax where Hector, gives his ex a visit, is straight out of some romantic comedy, that I don’t even what to think about anymore, but these are very little flaws in a largely great cinematic experience.

We all watch movies primarily for the entertainment they provide, but at times one comes across gems like these, that not only entertain but also leave behind a slight smile, even long after we are done watching the movie, in short its movies like these, that truly make us happy, give it a try you won’t regret it.


7 out of 10 stars


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