Gratitude Journal – Post 16

There’s something appealing about getting up at 5am when the world is still asleep. The world is fresh and new and quiet. Very, very quiet. And that fits quite well with my introverted nature. I can sit quietly and explore my thoughts and read and write without the noise of the day circling around me.

Working in the corporate world has always been a poor fit for me. This is much better. I don’t feel like I’m trying to change the course of a mighty river. I’m much more in harmony with who I am.

That said, diving right into it as soon as I get up has been largely effective over the last 3 days. It works best if I set my task list the day before, so that I know what I’m going to tackle when I get up; without it I just drift and the Monkey Mind takes over. I end up losing a few hours to Fuck-Knows-What, YouTube videos of a hamster licking his balls, or the vacuous machinations of Casey Neistat (who I think is full of S.H.I.T., but entertaining).

My goals for today: write one page of The Story, complete one movie review and devote a couple of hours to Photography practice/study. The latter is going to be the easy one as I have scheduled a couple of hours this afternoon with a friend who is going to act as my muse while I work through a few techniques. I’m also going to limit my access to email and such to 15 minutes at Noon and then again at 5pm. Passing thought: I’ve done the 7 Habits course, I need to dig that out and inculcate those tools into my daily routine.

In terms of Gratitude, having someone to help me through these photography techniques is tremendously helpful and I’m very grateful for that help.

The prospective tenant for one of my units withdrew the offer, but the real estate company had a back-up in place and the new prospect is actually offering a better rate with an immediate start date. I’m really grateful that they were able to source an alternative so quickly.

Ok, on with the day…….


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