The LEGO Movie (2014) – Movie Review

‘The Lego Movie’ is directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and stars Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Alison Brie, Liam Neeson and many more.

This film follows Emmet, an ordinary guy who lives his life completely by the book (or “by the instructions”, if you will). This all changes when he becomes the center of an ancient prophecy that claims he is destined to save the world and become a ‘Master Builder’.

The first thing I’d like to point out is just how much attention is payed to detail in this film, I mean everything looks and feels magnificent. The creators obviously had a clear vision of how they wanted things to come together and I think everything came together brilliantly, this astonishing land of plastic bricks made me want to believe it was real.

Almost every character in this film is lovable in their own way and they’re brought to life by the near flawless cast that was assembled, every actor’s voice fits their respective character perfectly, especially Will Ferrell as President Business and Liam Neeson as Good Cop/Bad Cop, who, in my opinion, gave the strongest performances of the whole cast.

The humour in this film is spot on, pulling off the task of being funny for all ages without being completely stupid. Animated movies should be an exquisite blend of funny dialogue and visual humour and thankfully, ‘The Lego Movie’ is just that. The plot is solid for the first two acts, but the third act contains a touching twist that will make you realise that this story is actually completely different than what you first thought it was and honestly, it’s a twist that pays off greatly and adds some much needed emotional depth to the film. (Let’s be honest, Emmet and Wildstyle falling for each other was a tacky plot device to add a slight element of romance to the film and we all know it.)

I have practically nothing but good things to say about ‘The Lego Movie’. It’s a charming, witty, visually stunning film that proves you can make awesome movies out of just about anything, even Lego blocks. The characters are the most enjoyable bunch that I have watched in recent years and the overall message that it sends to audience members is a great one.


9 out of 10 stars



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