Gratitude Journal – Post 13

I’m trying a different routine this morning, just to see if I can “win the morning to win the day”. Let me explain: I normally start off with watching some news on YouTube in order to brush away the sleepy cobwebs, but I’m finding that my morning viewing expands from that initial 10-20mins of news to watching everything which catches my eye. And then when I finally catch myself, I’ve lost a few hours and completed no writing, or done anything productive.

I’m fully aware that I’m chasing the dopamine/pleasure response I get from doing this (ha, I’m fully aware, yet I do it anyway), so rather than just completely cutting myself off, I decided to minimise that pleasure kick by doing a little bit of reading and then jumping into some light writing before working on one of my stories.

This morning that light writing consists of editing a comic review which I completed yesterday and then some journaling. I’ll post this in my Gratitude Journal just because I’m grateful for sticking to my plan this morning, and for having some free time to do this.

There is one other thing that I’d like to share which made my day yesterday infinitely better, and that’s this email from the self-described Raw Vegan Psychic:

“Welcome to a new level of psychic phenomena.  Born with a rare and extreme ability to interact with inter-dimensional beings and energies, I am able to channel amazing wisdom, manifestations, information, premonitions, visions and much more. This has given me the ability to heal both mind and body remotely, see into the future and the past, see into past lives, communicate with plants and animals, as well as spirits, the ability to manifest thoughts into reality, the ability to remote view/sense, find lost people/items and so much more.

I offer many services to the public, all of which are 100% safe. Working with inter-dimensional beings may sound scary, but I assure you it is safer than working with any beings here on Earth, and far more powerful & accurate.

Take advantage of my natural born gifts today and secure your session before all slots fill up. Stop wasting time with false hopes, I am always here for you, just a click away.

If you don’t see a gig that fits what you are looking for, send me a custom request. I always try to accommodate every client’s needs.”

It’s easy to ridicule the truly unique in the world, and I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to bask in the knowledge that this person found themselves, and not everyone can say that. God knows, I’m still looking……



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