Gratitude Journal – Post 12

Ok, the interview yesterday went better than expected and it was exactly what I thought it was, the HR Manager knew me. I think that’s why they invited me to interview for the position. That said, they actually took time during the interview to understand how my work experience could be a good fit for the role. Other interviews I’ve had up until now have felt like they are purposely trying to disqualify me, which likely means that it is a contract renewal. This seems like a legitimate position, and I really got the feeling that they were honestly considering me for the role.

So, I’m very grateful for that. Even if I’m not successful, being taken seriously has been a big confidence booster.

In terms of the role itself, it’s billed as a full-time role but is actually a contract position. They legitimately want to have someone apply business process methodologies to their operational processes and look for efficiencies, but they’ve rightfully recognised that the work for this role will be front loaded. Once the initial push is over, there likely won’t be enough work to sustain the position full time, which is why they want to transition the person into a To Be Determined role at the end of the first 2 years. And that’s why they were looking for specific qualifications in the job description which weren’t germane to the role’s responsibilities. They want to give themselves options in placing the incumbent.

That said, I’ll be out in space again. I’ve been here before. There will be two factors in play at the end of the two-year rotation. Performance and available positions. If one or both of those two things are not optimal then I’ll be made redundant. The cost of the redundancy will be quite low given the small amount of time I’ll have been with company, and it’ll likely be a lower amount than the annual bonus amount. In other words, there won’t be a disincentive to entertain the redundancy option.

I’m okay with having to look for something else in two years time. As long as I’m aware that this is a potential outcome, I can accommodate accordingly. I seem to be favouring a more transient career, so this will fit in quite nicely.

Anyway, let’s see how this progresses. I’d rather not put the cart before the horse.



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