Dom Hemingway (2013) – Movie Review

Richard Shepherd’s latest film is a maelstrom of bad behaviour in the best style of British crime comedies – it’s impossible to not liken it to Guy Ritchie and his ilk – but this one stands out from the crowd as it features a stunning performance from Jude Law – he may have started his career with man in touch with his feminine qualities but here he is the full monty as the mockney gangster on steroids. Law cannot be accused of a lack of a commitment – he throws himself in with palpable relish – and shouts and swears his way in a remarkably winning performance. Subtle it ain’t – but man it is genuinely entertaining, pure and simple.

The lasting impression is the tremendous energy of the script and Jude Law – it could really be a stage play in places – it is not often these days that movies create energy through an excellent script, rather than energy by effects – this does.

No way is this a great film – but Jude Law’s performance is full of sly humour, and Richard E Grant obviously loved being the dry sidekick – there is more than a touch of Withnail to the whole proceedings and he is superb.

Dom Hemingway avoids squeamish violence in the main and goes for the jugular in its script instead – it even has more than a touch of pathos admid the insanity. All in all, if you like films with some style, real laughs, and energy – and crude craziness – then this fits the bill better than most.


7 out of 10 stars


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