Gratitude Journal – Post 10

Hmmm, I’m doing this once per week now. I intended to do it every couple of days on a flexible schedule, but I’m finding that things are distracting me, or I just plain don’t feel like doing it. I’m supposed to be getting something from this exercise, but I think that’s not the case. I think what I’ll do is this: let’s make another concerted effort and commit to doing it more frequently, and during the course of that I’ll try and figure out what value I’m getting from the exercise.

Ok, here we go:

I’m grateful that I still had my old smart phone, which I could trade in for a credit against the camera I’d like to purchase. Every little bit helps because they are expensive (even the ones for beginners) and I’d like to explore this newfound interest in photography without having to sell the farm to fund it.

Speaking of which, I’m really grateful that I’m in a location where I can explore different kinds of photography, specifically with cityscapes and also indoor/studio shoots. I quick exploration of Google lets me know that I have the option to rent studio space and professional models for a reasonable price, and this isn’t something I’d have access to back home.

I’m grateful for the snowboarding trip to Snow Valley last Sunday. I didn’t have a great session, and I appreciate that I’m being way too hard on myself given it’s only the second time I’ve ever been on a snowboard, but I took quite a bit of punishment. And, that’s really the purpose of this exercise for me. I’d like to focus on the positive versus immediately seeing the half empty portion of the glass. The positives for me are finding a place to snowboard which is a little closer to home – Blue Valley is quite far away and is also expensive. I had originally booked to go to Blue Valley and the organiser cancelled it last minute and offered the Snow Valley trip instead; I would have never known about it otherwise and for that I’m very grateful.




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