Gratitude Journal – Post 6

Happy Friday! My three for today:

I’m grateful to the bank, er the other bank, for inviting me to interview for an open position today. Even if I don’t get the job, it was good practice and the feedback, direct and indirect, I received was valuable and will benefit me going forward.

I’m grateful to my sister for dealing with mom’s medication. I’d prefer to have nothing to do with the situation, so having someone who will pick this up and run with it is extremely helpful and takes the weight off my shoulders.

I’m grateful that the SITC social event was postponed last night. I really wanted a night at home so that I could get a good night’s sleep in prep for the interview this morning, and that doesn’t always happen when I attend social events. As an added bonus, I’m grateful that the organiser postponed it due to poor attendance. It would have been disappointing to show up and discover that there were very few people there.




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