Gratitude Journal – Post 4

I’m struggling to generate any momentum on the review that I’d like to complete, and writing in general, so let’s focus on gratitudes first and perhaps that will get the juices flowing:

I’m grateful that I didn’t lose my mouse and mousepad yesterday, as they are expensive to replace. I was working in the library yesterday and when I packed up to leave, I accidently forgot to pack up the mouse and mousepad. I didn’t realise that I had left it behind until I got home. I was convinced that I had lost them forever because the library is notorious for attracting transient types who will acquire abandoned or unattended equipment. So, I rushed back to the library and there they were, sitting exactly where I left them. Bloody lucky and I’m grateful for that. Perhaps I need to place more faith in humanity.

I’m grateful that I found some new music from PVRIS. Heh, that’s how I procrastinate when I want to do some writing: searching YouTube for new music. No matter, I hit the Like button and also added it to my ‘Post Hardcore and Such’ playlist. Two wiggly thumbs up.

I’m grateful that I get to hang out with MK this evening and have food adventures. We’re going to East Thirty-Six which is described as, “Cocktails & fancy French bites served in a chic 1920s-style bar with black-&-white furnishings”. Ok, sign me up for some of that awesomeness. Google reviews have it rated as 4.2 out of 5, so it should be pretty good.




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