Gratitude Journal – Post 2

Ok, my contribution for today:

I’m grateful for the security guard in my building who very astutely and quickly figured out that this guy who tried to access the building this morning was not legit. Quick story: a guy approached the front desk and tried to use me as an access point to the building by telling them he knew me and was here to pick up his bike which he left in the building. Based on just that alone the security guard knew he was lying and that this guy didn’t know me – it really pays to develop relationships with the key people around you.

I’m grateful to Greg Pak for outlining his approach/process to outlining a comic book script. Very helpful. I’m probably going to transpose it and put it on my blog so that I can find it later.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to see Asking Alexandria at Rebel last night. Good show and the Rebel club/event space was really nice with a great sound system. I was on the main floor, not the balcony, and it was still really easy to see the stage and have clear line of sight to the performers, which is not easy in a packed club. I was also really impressed with how well behaved and friendly the other patrons were – this is not always the case in packed events like this.




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