Ronald Jenkees – Try The Bass (Live Jam & New Single for RJCD5)



PSST. You have to look for it on this page, but my Full Digital Discography (4 albums) is 30% OFF on Bandcamp right now:

Try the Bass (on Bandcamp) —
Direct from me —
CDs and stuff —
iTunes —
Goog —

CDs & Shirts (like the one I’m wearing in this vidya) —
Alpha Numeric (my 4th album, in case you missed it) —

There Came an Echo on Steam (I wrote tracks 1-6 on Alpha Numeric for this game) – hey, it happens to be 50% off right now:

RJCD5 is in progress now and for me, it doesn’t get much more fun than this jam. I always like making music, but this one was just particularly fun to play and work on, and thankfully (and finally), I got it on camera. I worked like crazy on it, and already miss working on it. That’s something to be thankful for in itself I guess. Anywho, thanks for checking out my tunes – I truly do appreciate it! Be sure to support other artists you like (bandcamp happens to be great place to do that). It goes a long way. Even a super small purchase. THANKS AGAIN! Back to work on RJCD5. 🙂

Thanks to Lorrin Liang for her album art, and thanks to the folks at Image-Line Software for making FL Studio 12 so awesome. Also thanks to Jason Wishnov of Iridium Studios and T-Nevs (a good friend) for their help on RJCD4. They were amazing w/ their constant feedback (I’m talking like 3-4AM type feedback – really appreciated it). 🙂




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