Letters to JZ – Part 21: While you are sleeping, someone is missing you

From: JZ
Sent: September-26-13 2:30 AM
To: RR
Subject: While you are sleeping, someone is missing you.

Hi honey,

How are you? I hope you sleep better tonight. Did you try to find out what kind of food you are allergic to? You can do a test at the clinic and the doctor might be able to find out what gave you the allergy. I find that the quality of my sleeps are pretty inconsistent, sometimes I get the best sleeps and other times I just get so wired and couldn’t stay asleep. Maybe it’s one of those nights for you.

Hmm.. I hope I don’t ever tick you off. I do joke around a lot with my friends, family, co workers and especially boyfriends. Maybe I do crack some stupid jokes but most of the time I don’t mean it in an offensive way. I can’t imagine you being mean to anyone, so if they bring out that side of you, they probably deserve it 🙂

However, as for me, I am not good at dealing with conflicts. I am usually the one to apologize just to avoid more misunderstandings. So I don’t think we will ever fight 🙂

And I do have a tendency to treat my boyfriend like a kid or call them girly or babyish names. I really think its cute and it’s between both of us only. I don’t do that in public because I know how people can be judgmental.

I sort of understand why you didn’t like it since you told me about your experience as a Bermudian. I will not make the same mistake again. Thanks for acknowledging that it comes an affectionate intention 🙂

And… I actually like the way you spank 🙂 I was joking about the not hard enough part. I think it’s hot the way it is lol

I love pandas, I think it’s a cute name and somehow it’s the national emblem of china 🙂 and you don’t ever have to apologize, you are cutie pie.

I will be quite busy for the next few weeks because school started a while ago and midterm exams are approaching. And there are other stuff too that eats up most of my time. Things will get better after a month for sure. It’s my bad for not being attentive enough. But I will make it up to you hunny bunny. And you are so welcome to text me anytime because I like to know that you are safe and sound too.

You know, I don’t think about the establish men website anymore. I figure if our relationship works out well and you like me enough, you wouldn’t think about the site too 🙂 so you keeping it there doesn’t bother me at all. Yes I think it’s a bit broad when I wrote you can do whatever you want, but I will let you do the judgement because I believe you will never do anything to hurt me or our relationship. If maybe we happen to have problems, we will alway talk it out and try to figure how to make things better. I think it’s all about trust. The EM account being there or not doesn’t really matter to me 🙂

I just checked imdb, and Rush is playing in varsity at 3:40 pm on Friday, so I can meet you at 3-3:15 pm at your place and we will walk over to the theatre?

I can’t wait to see you on Friday 🙂 🙂

Hugs and French kisses, xoxox




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From: RR
Sent: September-26-13 2:28 PM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: While you are sleeping, someone is missing you.

Hey baby J,

Thanks sweetie, I slept much better last night 🙂 I took an antihistamine before I went to sleep which really helped. Another good night’s sleep and I’ll be ready for you tomorrow. Once I am back to work and have medical insurance again I’ll go for an allergy test. It’s long overdue.

I’m just getting to know you and your sense of humour, and I like it, your jokes aren’t stupid. So, no need to hold back at all. You can tease me and call me whatever cute names you want because I know they come from a place of adoration and are terms of endearment. It’s all good 🙂

I rarely get pissed off to the point of just snapping, and I doubt you’ll ever tick me off. I just care about you too much 🙂

If something is bothering you, I really do want to hear about it. Conflicts and arguments are bound to happen, especially between two people that care about each other. As you said, keeping the lines of communication open is important and we both should feel comfortable enough in the relationship to say whatever is on our mind. It’s important to me that you get what you need from me 🙂

Thanks for the heads up regarding school. You don’t have to make up anything to me, I know school is really important and I’m not going to make you feel guilty about it. Like I said, I felt a little selfish bringing it up because I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment. I mean, these last two emails from you came in the small hours of the morning when the rest of the world was asleep. So, I’m cool.

I like what you wrote about EM, our relationship and trust, it sums it up perfectly. Thanks for that. I feel the same way and it’s the reason that I decided to get you the flowers and tell you how I really felt.

Tomorrow at 3-3:15pm sounds good! Can’t wait to see you my gorgeous sweetheart 🙂

Apple mango kisses and bum squeeze,





From: RR
Sent: September-26-13 4:35 PM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: While you are sleeping, someone is missing you.

Ps. It looks like the 3:40 show is playing the VIP theatre instead of the general audiences theatre. The VIP theatre is okay, but it is smaller with reclining comfy chair thingys and the screen is much smaller. I think it holds around 20 people just to give you an idea of the size of the room and screen. If you’d prefer to see it on a larger regular screen we’ll need to do the 4:20 show, or go to Scotiabank and catch the 4:10 show.

I actually wasn’t really impressed with the VIP theatre, but am open to trying it out again if that’s what you want to do.








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