Letters to JZ – Part 19: Free Movies and Stuff

From: RR
Sent: September-23-13 9:15 AM
To: JZ
Subject: Free Movies and Stuff

Hey baby panda,

Life is really quiet when you are not around. And, recognising 3 months isn’t really a thing, I just thought it would be a sweet thing to do because I’m really sweet on you. So, no need to apologise or anything.

Yesterday I received 3 free movie passes!! I was having a quiet day and I don’t normally write on Sundays, so decided to see The Wolverine again for kicks and giggles, and because there is an after credits scene which we missed that I wanted to see, so off I went. I kinda dilly dallied a little bit, which is actually pretty usual for me, and I got to the theatre a little later than expected so decided to skip the line and use the automated kiosk instead. Well, the little bastard decided to take my money but refused to give me a ticket. I said a few harsh things to the kiosk, but it wouldn’t budge so I went to the ticket counter to complain. I’m now standing in a line I was trying to avoid, so am not a happy camper at this stage. The attendant was nice enough, but referred me to Customer Service because she didn’t have ticket printing capabilities. I’m even less impressed now. At Customer Service, the attendant was unable to find my transaction, so called the manager over to assist. I’m starting to get a little annoyed. The manager then spends a good bit of time looking for the transaction, is also unable to find it, so turns to me and says, uhhh I can’t find it. I’m boiling at this point and let the manager know I’m pissed off. I immediately regret it, but the manager is cool about it and says I can go into the theatre without a ticket and then he gave me 3 free passes for the inconvenience. I shook his hand and said thanks, hoping that this would balance out the bad karma and because I was a little bit of a dick.

So, that’s my story: THREE FREE MOVIE PASSES!!!! With my new found wealth I’m going to quit my job and venture out into the world to, ummm………….oh wait, I already did that.

The good news is balanced out with a bit of bad news, unfortunately. I’ve aggravated my shoulder injury somehow, so am going to take the next 1-2 weeks off to let it heal up. I don’t know what exercises are aggravating it, likely the back training session as I have been increasing the weight lately, so I’m going to shut it down rather than make it worse and let it drag on any longer. The injury is in a place which is preventing me from isolating it from other upper body parts/exercises, so I am going to stop. It drives me crazy because training is the center of my universe and without it I am a little lost. Nothing to do now but be patient. So, apologies sweetie, I may lose a bit of weight in the short term.

So, that’s it for now. Give me a call sometime, I’d love to hear your dulcet tones 🙂

Hugs, kisses and a bum squeeze,




From: RR
Sent: September-23-13 11:55 AM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: Free Movies and Stuff

Ps. Forgot to include this in my email. You mentioned Established Men when we were chatting on Friday and I didn’t think about this until Saturday, but would you like me to remove my profile from the site? It’s not an issue if you do, I’ll happily delete it.





From: JZ
Sent: September-25-13 3:05 AM
To: RR
Subject: Re: Free Movies and Stuff

Hi hunny bunny,

Did you call me a panda because I am Chinese? Heheh it’s a cute name 🙂 I really enjoy your company and your sweetness to me. Three months isn’t too long but it means a lot me that you actually kept our special days in mind.

Ohhh you watched wolverine again? So there is an after credit scene at the end of the movie? I didn’t know, was it good? The movie isn’t all that great, I thought Hugh Jackman did a better job in Prisoner being a crazy aggressive dude than a superhero in wolverine lol

It’s so cool how you got the three free tickets, good karma does come around because you are a sweetheart 🙂 AND you never ever acted like a dick and I don’t think you are capable of being one. You cant even spank me hard enough in bed lol You are  such a flower, I am going to call you dandelion 🙂

Anyways, good job for getting three free tickets. Let’s try doing this again and we will never have to buy another movie ticket lol This doesn’t sound too right hehe

Talking about movies, let’s postpone ROM again. Are you up for watching Rush or don Jon? They are both playing this Friday. I prefer rush over don jon but I think somehow we will watch both movies 🙂

I am sorry to hear about your shoulder. It’s been bugging you for a while and you should take some time off. I know exercising is so fun and rewarding, but you have to let your shoulder rest, you don’t want any arthritis in the future right? Maybe you can start training your lower body more or start some yoga classes. I do think yoga helps you loosen up your muscle and it will still keep you fit 🙂

Oh, I need to tell you, I usually read your emails on the day you sent them. I just didn’t have the time to reply. I hope you don’t feel neglected because I am always happy to hear from you. Life is extremely hectic for me. I got off at almost midnight earlier. I got home and took a shower and sat down to reply you is already so late 😦 but I miss you so much, I just love sharing things with you.

I will try to call you one of these days 🙂 I didn’t realize you like talking on the phone. I rarely chatted with anyone on the phone ever since there was pagers lol I had my first pager when I was 12 and my first cell phone when I was 14, then texting just became my thing. I get socially awkward when I talk on the phone lol but I think it will be nice to talk to you in the phone and hear your angelic voice 🙂

And now it’s getting so late and quiet is my area, I got bored and put on a documentary called Food matters, it’s very informative. I was jotting down keys points on how to make our diets healthier. I will share it with you when I see you on Friday or you can watch it when you have time 🙂 I thought you might like it because you are a health nut too 🙂

And one last thing before I doze off. When I was talking about my established men account, I didn’t mean anything. I was telling you how happy I am not having to look for anyone else because I have you and i am completely satisfied. Also because I don’t have the time too, I was going to stop talking to anyone even if I didn’t meet you. What I am trying to say is, its my personal choice not to stay on it. As for you, you can do whatever you want because you have the right and the freedom to do it 🙂 and I won’t interfere with your personal choices and of course I will like you the same 🙂

I hope you are sleeping like a baby piggy. Goodnight!!!




Sent from my iPhone


From: RR
Sent: September-25-13 12:53 PM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: Free Movies and Stuff

Hey sweetheart,

So, last night was a particularly bad one. I was awake in the wee hours and swear I didn’t get back to sleep until 5 minutes before the alarm went off at 7am. I tried to sleep for another hour, but I’m still feeling groggy this morning. I’m now wondering if this is allergy related as my sinuses were also very swollen last night, maybe as a result of something I ate. In any case, I tried to use a meditation/mind calming technique I’ve successfully used in the past, but I wasn’t successful last night. The good news is I’m not really grumpy this morning, just a little tired.

Which is a perfect segue to…….

Yes, I can be a huge asshole. I’m hoping you never get to see that side of me, and it’s usually as a result of someone being a little shitty with me. I get to the point where I’ve had enough of their BS, so I turn on my big brain and get extremely sharp and personal with the purpose of inflicting maximum verbal damage. I’ve been told it’s quite humorous, but only if you’re not on the receiving end. I also don’t suffer fools at all, sometimes with the same results.

Sorry, that’s not a particularly sexy, flowery side of me. I won’t do that with you, though. Once someone is on my side I’m loyal to a fault. So, I’ll always treat you like you are the most special/important person in my life, which you are J

Actions speak louder than words, though……

And speaking of flower, I’m not a huge fan of being called that. I’m okay with us keeping it as an inside joke between the two of us because I know it comes from an affectionate place. However, other people will look at it as an indictment of me as a person, especially narrow minded Bermudians who view the world in a macho/chauvinistic way. It just makes me seem weak and I don’t really like that for reasons I’ll get into another time.

You should have told me I’m not spanking you hard enough ;p I’m starting to think you might have a little affinity for BDSM!

I actually didn’t even make the connection between panda and Chinese, oooops, sorry about that. I just chose baby panda because it’s a cute name, and I think you are cute J

Yeah, the after credits scene was okay. Actually, I didn’t gain anything from it – I mean, it was a really a teaser for next year’s X-Men movie Days of Future Past, which I’m really looking forward to seeing. I’m hoping they’ll stick pretty closely to the original book/graphic novel because it’s really good.

And yes, I didn’t want to say anything, but I am feeling a little neglected. I was going to keep it to myself because I know you are so busy with work and school and stuff, and all I am doing is sitting here pulling petals off flowers, thinking about how beautifully your eyes sparkled the last time we made love and the feel of your skin on my lips when I kiss you on the cheek. And then you spend a large chunk of your day off on Friday with me. So, yeah after all that I thought I was being a little selfish to bring it up. Anyway, we’re good, no need for the phone call. Just drop me a quick little one line text every now and then to let me know you are alive and well, and I’m okay.

Established Men. Thanks for that, I feel the same way about you. No one has ever told me that I am free to do whatever I want, so I am having a little bit of a hard time understanding what it means exactly within the context of our relationship. And, you were asking me about my account and if I was receiving or could read messages – I took that as you were curious and I know you told me you don’t get jealous, but I thought I’d offer to delete it just in case you were feeling uncomfortable. I mean, I’m not using it anyway and don’t really need it.

I want to see both movies and I think they are both playing at the Varsity, but times haven’t been posted on CinemaClock yet. Rush is also playing at Scotiabank, if Varsity isn’t available. If you prefer to see Rush then let’s plan to see that on Friday.

Hugs and kisses for my gorgeous baby,





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