Letters to JZ – Part 15: My Saturday

From: JZ
Sent: September-07-13 11:37 PM
To: RR
Subject: My saturday

Hi big trouble!

Thanks for you warm text today. The reason I didn’t reply is because my phone committed suicide. It was on the counter this morning and all of a suddenly it fell on the kitchen tile and the screen cracked. I got your message but I wasnt able to type with a broken screen. Sooo now I have to email you with my iPad until I get a new phone lol

I had the best time on Friday, I was really surprised by the flowers 🙂 they are so pretty. Thank you so much! It was a special day for me to know that you finally like me as much as I like you hehe you are an awesome person and I hope we will share many more good times together.

Please sleep like a baby tonight and wake up feeling refreshed. Enjoy your weekend 🙂 night night



Sent from my iPad


From: RR
Sent: September-08-13 11:08 AM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: My saturday

Hi little trouble aka baby monkey,

(lol – I liked your big trouble name)

I’ve always suspected that the cell phone skins we use won’t prevent the phone from trying to end its own life, and that they’re really for personalisation/decoration and little else. On occasion I’ve caught my phone slowly inching towards the edge of the table, that look of mad desperation in its little eyes, but I’ve always been able to coax it away from the edge with a little love and a promise to give it some alone time with the power cord ;p

Lol, ummm, I don’t know where that came from this morning 🙂

You’re welcome for the flowers, it was so nice seeing your happy face :). I was stressing about telling you how I felt because I thought I was now ahead of you and I didn’t want to place any pressure on you or on what we are doing. Thanks for telling me how you feel, it really means a lot to me 🙂 And, I’m looking forward to spending more time together and getting to know you more. You really are very wonderful and awesome and cool, and very beautiful. I’m happy that we met 🙂

I’m off to chill out with friends this afternoon, and then am going to Hemingway’s this evening for food and to watch the start of the NFL season. I may have a quiet beer or two, but given I’ve not been sleeping all that well lately it’s probably not a great idea.

Have a great Sunday, I’ll be thinking about you 🙂




From: JZ
Sent: September-10-13 3:44 AM
To: RR
Subject: Re: My saturday

Hi lovey dovey,

How are you? Sorry I didn’t reply. Seriously I was meaning to, then I forgot. You know how I have a 3 second memory. I hope you didn’t think I was ignoring you because I would never 🙂 I think the limited capacity of my brain just doesn’t allow me to respond quick enough lol ya so I was sleeping earlier then all of a sudden I woke up and I thought I haven’t replied Andrew yet!! Soo here I am sitting on bed writing a love email to my favorite person at 3:30 am 🙂 how sweet is that? You must be teary while reading this hehe

anyways, I hope your weekend had been great. It must be so crowded in downtown no? My friend works in the roof top patio of Thompson hotel told me Brad Pitt was there partying last night and there’s James Franco today, I like them both 🙂 there must be a lot of celebrities in town.

So my week was ok, just work, work and work. One thing I did different was going to a country fair at uxebridge. It’s a city up north. It was pretty fun 🙂 i don’t think you have been to one? I will have to tell you about it when I see you.

Hahaha you are so funny, I like how your mind works. I should’ve tried to catch the phone before it drops. Me and my slow reflex strikes again lol  Anyways, I fixed my phone screen yesterday and everything is working fine now 🙂 I just realized not having a phone is unbearable! I couldn’t text, couldn’t play games nor listen to music at work just makes time pass by so slow. Now I am happy to be able to email you again!

Thank you for sharing your feelings with me. It really means a lot to me that you try to express your thoughts about us. I do feel closer to you every time we meet because I learn about your personality and the unique perspectives you have. I think we should keep sharing what’s in our minds 🙂

Let me know if you want to do something on Friday! I am up for anything because seeing you is so special already 🙂 and of course teasing you always gives me the kicks. Goodnight and sweet dreams!



Sent from my iPhone


From: RR
Sent: September-10-13 3:51 PM
To: JZ
Subject: Happy Tuesday

Hi baby monkey face,

Waitaminute! You FORGOT about me?!?! Oooooohhh, emmmmmm, geeeeeeee!!! I am so hurt I’m going to cry myself to sleep!! And then I’m going to wake up and cry myself to sleep, AGAIN!!! I want a divorce, you can have the dog but I’m keeping the beach house in Bermuda ;p


So, lovey-dovey and writing love emails? Hmmmm. Yes, a single tear rolled down my cheek which I then caught in an eye drop bottle, and I now keep it on my nightstand next to a picture of you as a reminder of the moment my heart reached out and connected with another, the beautiful and talented yet slightly forgetful JZ. My days are now filled with small moments which remind me of you and the time we spend together. A perfumed scent carried gently on the wind which invokes a memory of your beautiful face, watching two new lovers holding hands tightly, reminding me of your sweet caress, and the taste of apple and mango sparking an ethereal feeling of your soft lips gently brushing against my cheek.

Heh, THAT’s a love email, my dear ;p. Just kidding :))

So, yes my Sunday was good. I was sitting in Hemingway’s watching football when this very attractive and very drunk young woman propped herself up against the bar beside me and started to tell us (the bartender and patrons) stories about celebrities who were staying at the Windsor Arms, where she works. Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is a bit of an arse, so they renamed him Jake Dick-enhaal, Hugh Jackman and Judi Dench are cool, and Nicole Kidman looks plastic, having gone a bit too far with the botox. Downtown doesn’t seem too much busier than normal , but then again I haven’t been hanging around the places where the TIFF crowds congregate.

I agree, let’s keep the lines of communication open with regards to how we feel about each other and what we are doing. Communication is really important to me, and as you know it’s something I need to work on a little bit more.

Yes, Friday sounds good!!! I don’t yet know what we’ll do, but I’ll come up with a few suggestions in the next day or two and see what you think. I really miss you and am really looking forward to seeing you in a few days 🙂

Hugs and kisses with a hint of apple mango love,




From: JZ
Sent: September-11-13 1:30 PM
To: RR
Subject: Happy Wednesday

Hello my whiny baby boy 🙂

I did not forget about you, I forgot to reply your email. It’s totally different hahaha how can I forget the most wonderful person? But I do deserve some spanky 🙂  but please let me keep the beach house hehe

Omg, you are such an articulated writer. I wish I can write like that. Please write more love emails to me because I can feel my heart melting 🙂 I admire you a lot honey.

I have to get back to work now, I hope you are having a great day so far 🙂 I can’t wait to see you on friday!!



Sent from my iPhone


From: RR
Sent: September-11-13 9:54 PM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: Happy Wednesday

Hey my  gorgeous baby girl,

Lol – veeeeeeery funny J

The spanking can be arranged ;p I’m going to tie you up, hang you upside down by your ankles and then paddle your bottom until your cheeks are red J x2

And, at one point my nickname was spanky, but for different reasons. I’m not kidding.

Thanks for the compliment and sure, no problem, BUT only if you behave yourself ;p I’ll do it sparingly and spontaneously, because it has to come from a genuine place and too much of a good thing will become kind of boring. Last Friday we talked about not getting too heavy by using a certain three word phrase, and ummmm, I realise I’m overanalysing this, but……………I’m going to stop there. I’ll write from the heart and you let me know how it makes you feel.

For Friday we have lots of options. For our viewing pleasure we can go out to see Meet The Millers, or chill at home and see Game of Thrones or a movie of our choosing (Atonement anyone?). Or we could go to the ROM instead; Bata is also an option. For dinner we can go to Guu or Yamato (for sushi) or get some healthy take out from Whole Foods.

I took at a look at the symphony/plays, but TIFF is dominating most of the venues this week. For classical music Yo Yo Ma is due to perform in October/November and for the theatre The Book of Mormon is playing at the end of this month. Let me know if either one of these strike your fancy.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, sweetheart!!




From: JZ
Sent: September-12-13 11:10 PM
To: RR
Subject: Thursday night update

Hello spanky 🙂

You have a kinky nickname, I wonder how you got it hehe now I think of you and I have one more reason to smile 🙂

I hope you weren’t  too disappointed with me about canceling our date tomorrow because my dad called me to  help him out with delivering. It was very short notice.

About Saturday, I am free in the afternoon after I run some errands. I can meet you and do anything, just seeing you makes me happy. But there is a small problem… I just had my period. Which meansss… We can’t.. Umm do what we love to do most. I have no problem meeting you but I just don’t want you to feel disappointed. Please let me know if you still want to meet this Saturday. But if you want to meet next Friday instead, I understand 🙂

Soo… If we happen to meet, there are two options. First one, I quite want to watch the millers. The showtime is 4:25  pm at yonge and dundas. I can meet you downstairs at your place at 3 ish and we can take a walk there. For food, I can have anything. We can decide after the movie, maybe we will have a better idea of what we crave for at that moment 🙂

So the second option, I like to go to ROM but not bata shoe museum. If you like, we can go to ROMinstead of the movie too. But it closes at 5:30 on Saturday. Maybe two hours are good enough to explore the place?

I don’t know if I want to watch game of thrones yet because once I like a show, I’ll start a tv show marathon and I don’t have time for it yet. Oh and I watched atonement already hehe

So the above are the two options IF we meet on Saturday. So please let me know what you are thinking 🙂

I heard of YoYo Ma but never heard of book of Mormons, but I think I will like them both 🙂 its nice to do something different than watching movies. Thank you for looking up these interesting events. We can discuss it when we meet.

Sorry again for causing you trouble today.  I am looking forward to seeing you very soon because I miss you!

Goodnight and sweet dreams Spanky 🙂



Sent from my iPhone


From: JZ
Sent: September-13-13 2:00 PM
To: RR
Subject: Re: Thursday night update

Ok thank you honey 🙂 I will see you tomorrow. I hope you have a great day!

Sent from my iPad
On 2013-09-13, at 1:48 PM, RR wrote:

Hey gorgeous,

I’m having internet issues again. I wrote you a note this morning, but can’t send it at the moment. I’ll try again later. In the meantime, what you’ve suggested below sounds good. Let’s meet here at 3ish and then catch the Millers.

No problem about your period. I just want to spend time with you, we don’t need to be intimate.

See you tomorrow, sweetheart.

Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network


From: JZ
Sent: September-13-13 2:07 PM
To: RR
Subject: Joke of the day to cheer my baby up 🙂

Three midgets were sitting at a bar having a drink, when they   all started to discuss getting into the Guinness Book of World Records.The first midget looked at his hands and said,   gee – I have REALLY small hands – I bet I can get into the record books with   these tiny hands!The second midget looked at his feet and said,   gee – I have REALLY small feet – I bet I can get into the record books with   these!

The third midget, who just came back from the   rest room, said; you know, I have a REALLY tiny penis – I bet I can get into   the record books with that!

So the three of them go to the Guinness Book of   World Records headquarters and go inside to get judged…

The first midget goes in and comes out 5 minutes   later ecstatically jumping up and down “YES, YES!!! I DO HAVE THE SMALLEST   HANDS IN THE WORLD!!!”

The second midget goes in and comes out 5   minutes later and he is too overjoyed screaming “YES, YES!!! I DO HAVE THE   SMALLEST FEET IN THE WORLD!!!”

The third midget goes in and comes out 5 minutes   later pissed off, looks at his other 2 buddies and says; “WHO IS RR?!”.


From: RR
Sent: September-13-13 8:45 PM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: Thursday night update

Hey baby monkey,

I’ll tell you the story when we see each other next. It’s a bit long and involves a group of friends, an alien invasion, explosions, a car chase and……uh waitaminute, THAT’S THE MOVIE WE SAW LAST WEEKEND!! Just kidding, remind me on Saturday and I’ll tell you all the sordid details.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase don’t feel guilty!!! I’m okay with it though. If my brother or sister called and asked for help, I’d do the same thing. So, I completely understand. After spending 3 months with you, I can see that you always try and do the right thing and your heart is in the right place. I really love that about you.

I also know that we have seen each other every week (with the exception of the one week when I was in Bermuda) for the last 3 months, and that’s despite you having to work 6 days a week, and also contend with school, and family, and spend time with friends and then try and find a little time for yourself. You spend a significant amount of time with me on Fridays and I’m very grateful for that. You are a very awesome, wonderful, smart, cool, beautiful woman J

I understand that your monthly cycle is part of the deal. I’m cool with it. I enjoy being intimate with you; it’s an expression of the adoration and affection I feel for you, but I don’t need it in order to spend time with you. You are enough and I’m really just interested in spending time with you and enjoying your company. I’ll never bail on you because it’s that time of the month.

You’ll have seen my other email regarding the Millers and meeting tomorrow at 3ish.

Let’s save the ROM for another time. It stays open until 8:30pm on Fridays, so maybe it’s a better choice to go on a Friday.

Regarding Game of Thrones. I’m exactly the same way, and this show is reeeaaaaally good, so I can see it eating up lots of your time.

Ok, so the internet is up and running again, YAY! I find it easier to write out long emails on the laptop versus doing it on the blackberry, and you know how I like to wax poetic J. So, apologies for the short note earlier today. I didn’t want you to think I was annoyed or pissed at you (because I’m not), so thought it was best to send a quick note with this longer one to follow once the internet was fixed.

On that note, you didn’t cause any trouble yesterday. You never cause trouble, you’re always really cool and patient with me and my funny little quirks.

Hope you were able to have a little bit of Me Time today! I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart J

Apple mango kisses,




From: JZ
Sent: September-14-13 12:45 AM
To: RR
Subject: Re: Thursday night update

Hello handsome,

Thank you for writing to me, your email always warms me up especially on a cold cold day like today.

Hahaha you are very imaginative, but I hope to hear the real version of what happened to you today. I hope your Friday was good without me 🙂

Well, my day was pretty hectic. I can’t believe my dad made me drive to brampton, it was well over one hour drive to get there. It was pretty relaxing out in the country though. I stopped by and bought some fresh tomatoes and beets in the farmers market. So it was a pretty nice overall 🙂

I know, you sounded a little disapointed with me. I felt more bad than guilty because I care about your feelings a lot. I am also very very thankful that I have met you and you happened to be a little attracted to me too. What a coincidence 🙂 Thank you for much for being so understanding though. I would’ve chosen to see you over driving to brampton. Its just hard to explain my family situations.

BUT I am so excited about tomorrow because we get to hang out again. I will meet you at 3ish downstairs at your place and we will take a nice walk to the theatres. Let’s try ROM next time 🙂

I would love to write more but it’s almost 1 am. We will save the rest of the conversation for tomorrow 🙂 goodnight and sweet dreams!!

P.s. you are wonderful, handsome, cool, funny and simply the best 🙂




Sent from my iPhone



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