Letters to JZ – Part 7: Scene Card

From: RR
Sent: August-07-13 4:59 PM
To: JZ

Hey sweetheart,

Here’s my new Scene card. Thanks for doing this for me J




From: JZ
Sent: August-07-13 6:07 PM
To: RR
Subject: Re:

Hi honey 🙂

I just got home like an hour ago. It was so relaxing there and I was swimming at the beach a lot.

How are you these days? Are you up for watching Elysium this Friday, 3:05 at scotia and theatre? We can meet there at 2:45? Or I am cool with other plans 🙂 do you have anything else in mind you want to do?

I will have your scene card printed and give it to you on Friday 🙂 have an amazing day!



Sent from my iPhone


From: RR
Sent: August-07-13 6:48 PM
To: JZ
Subject: RE:

Hey baby,

Sounds like fun J I’m glad you had a good time with your family at the beach.

Things are going very well! And yes, I am totally game for watching Elysium with you on Friday. Scotia at 2:45pm sounds perfect, I’ll see you there!!

We should mix it up at some point and try some different stuff, let’s chat a bit more about it on Friday.

Thanks for printing the card for me. You’re a shining star!!!




From: JZ
Sent: August-07-13 11:03 PM
To: RR
Subject: Re: RE:

Hello handsome,

I love to try other activities with you 🙂 we will discuss it on friday.

You are welcome about printing the card, It’s easy job 🙂

I will see you in a day! Can’t wait to manhandle you muhahaha goodnight.



I will see you in a day, goodnight.

Sent from my iPhone


From: RR
Sent: August-08-13 8:01 AM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: RE:

Lol J

Looking forward to it, gorgeous!!





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