Letters to JZ – Part 2: JZ miss RR

From: JZ
Sent: July-06-13 7:33 PM
To: RR
Subject: JZ miss RR

Hi honey,

So this my first email to you:) attached are some of the photos I found on my phone.

I wish you didn’t have to go through so much hassle and come back very soon because I miss you already!

Ps, thank you for the quote and the card. I really appreciate it and will keep it forever 🙂




From: RR
Sent: July-07-13 10:02 AM
To: JZ
Subject: Happy Sunday

Hey gorgeous,

Thanks for the photos, they are great! Here are a few photos of me.

And, you’re welcome for the card!!

It’s best to look at this as a mixed blessing. While it is a bit uncomfortable, I was going to have to do it sooner or later anyway, and it was good encouragement to get me to stop dragging my feet. So, off we go…..

Chat soon 🙂




From: RR
Sent: July-07-13 10:20 AM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: Happy Sunday

And while I’m thinking of it, here is my Skype address: red.ronin.1

It’s free to communicate either through video, or chat or instant message.




From: JZ
Sent: July-12-13 1:08 AM
To: RR
Subject: the fratellis – whistle for the choir

I thought this song is so cute 🙂 I hope you are sleeping like a baby hehe Can’t wait to see you soon! Goodnight xoxo

Check out this video on YouTube:


Sent from my iPhone


From: RR
Sent: July-12-13 7:48 AM
To: JZ
Subject: RE: the fratellis – whistle for the choir

Thanks, sweetheart. Very nice!! I like this line:

Is it out of line if I was to be bold and say “Would you be mine”?

See you soon 🙂

RR. xo




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