JZ Update

So, I’m feeling pretty foolish about the whole thing now. Obviously I’m pretty shit at reading signals, particularly hers, which may not be a good thing, but it is what it is. Of all the relationships I’ve had over the years I’ve never felt like that and I think it caught me by surprise. Being vulnerable and giving myself to the relationship, to her specifically and saying, I trust you are not going to do anything to hurt me, is frightening to say the least.

The truth shall set me free, I thought to myself as I rationalized my decision. There really is only one option – only one right choice to make. So I bought a bunch of red roses, accompanied them with a card and left them on the kitchen counter, knowing that they would be the first thing she saw when we returned from our evening activities of a movie and dinner.

As we entered my place her eyes fell on the expertly wrapped bouquet and she broke out into a broad smile. Are these for me, she asked. Yes, I responded, and then guided her to the couch where I basically spilled my guts. When I was finished she sat there, silent at first, and then did what any good woman would do, she teased me mercilessly. WTF.

We talked for what seemed like an eternity after that. She explained to me that she had been feeling this way for some time and was just waiting for me to catch up.


The following day she sent me this email (which is truncated to protect the innocent):

I had the best time on Friday, I was really surprised by the flowers 🙂 they are so pretty. Thank you so much! It was a special day for me to know that you finally like me as much as I like you hehe you are an awesome person and I hope we will share many more good times together.


Good stuff. It all worked out in the end, and the lesson learned? I need to take a leap of faith more often……..




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