Blue Jasmine – Movie Review

Let me preface this review by saying I’m not a huge fan of Woody Allen’s movies, and after seeing this movie I’m even less of one. I’ll admit that I infrequently visit the world of film, preferring to be entertained by movies, so likely don’t have a refined enough palette to fully appreciate this piece of art. For example, my uncle was a connoisseur of fine cheeses, the more pungent and aged the better. Being young and curious I asked to try a small piece of cheese, not realizing that my underdeveloped taste buds were more attuned to sugary delights than refined cheeses. That taste of old, sweaty gym socks remains with me to this day. So, forgive me if I highlight aspects of this film which are signature Allen hallmarks as unpalatable. The protagonist is completely unlikeable and therefore I didn’t connect nor care what happened to her. This, to me, made the story completely pointless. At times, I found the movie almost unwatchable because the main character’s behavior was so distasteful. Self-Inflicted Wounds would have been a better title than Blue Jasmine. The supporting characters weren’t much better. All deeply flawed, with these flaws being on full display as the main descriptor of each character. Real people aren’t like this. It wasn’t even a close enough facsimile of a real person for me to suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the story being told. I also found it curious that all of the male and female characters were essentially created from the same mold. The female characters being these one person wrecking crews affecting the lives of all the people around them, and the male characters being victims, weak, powerless and spineless in the face of these whirling dervishes. All this despite the socio-economic status of the individual. Perhaps Allen did this on purpose. Perhaps this is a reflection of the world in which Allen lives. In any case, watching a film which is inspired by a classic and is infused with Allen’s peculiar view of the world is just not that entertaining to me. That being said, Cate Blanchett’s performance is outstanding and for that alone the film is worth viewing. I’d be surprised if Cate was not included in the list of nominees for an Oscar next year.


5 out of 10




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