The Weekend

Here are some of the highlights from my weekend:

1. Won the Pepsi Challenge and was awarded a bag of sunflower seeds which I then gave to a homeless person.

2. Found a leather cuff with metal skull imbedded in it at the Black Market underground flea market. I tried it on and instantly became a bad-ass. I decided not to buy it, but may change my mind at some point in the future.

3. I took a picture for two young ladies at Dundas Square (one tourist and one local). One of them said I looked like Tom Cruise, and then the other said I looked better than Tom Cruise. They were together, if you know what I mean.

4. Was hit on by a 60 year old woman at Hemingway’s on Sunday evening while I was having dinner. She told me all sorts of crazy sh*t for an hour and then when I was getting ready to leave called me a liar, so I shook her hand and said, it’s nice to meet you (it wasn’t), and then she wouldn’t let go. I had to pry my hand out of hers so I could leave. WTF.




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