The Kings of Summer – Movie Review

Pleasant, but a bit bland, just like vanilla ice cream. It is quite simply a Coming of Age story which is competently told, however it falls a little short of earlier similar efforts, like Stand By Me. Quite frankly, I saw this movie a little over a week ago and have been struggling to write a review because once I left the movie theatre, I forgot all about it. It’s not an unpleasant way to spend 90+ minutes, but I can’t say it moved or even resonated with me; and I spent many a summer day in my teen years escaping parental control to build forts in the wilderness, catching fish for sustenance and ultimately camping overnight in our new fort because, dammit, we were just having too much fun. Maybe that’s the problem. It just doesn’t invoke any kind of nostalgia in me, despite having done some of this, and therefore I’m unable to connect with the material. That being said, the acting is solid with Nick Offerman leading the charge, and if you enjoy dry, sarcastic humour then there is plenty of that present in this film including some legitimate laugh out loud moments. The bottom line: meh, so what.


6 out of 10



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