This Is The End – Movie Review

I didn’t need to see this in a theatre, and I suspect I would have enjoyed it a little more in a 420 friendly environment. It is very simply a Seth Rogen joint, so if you are a fan of his work, you’ll love this movie. For me, I have mixed feelings about it. Rogen includes a lot of his signature brand of comedy in this film which made it seem a little derivative of his earlier work at times. However, he does take many comedic chances and while some work to great effect, others come across as being a little self-indulgent. The cameos, for example, are brilliantly done, the Micheal Cera and Channing Tatum appearances in particular. As far as apocalyptic comedies go, it’s just about okay and ultimately falls short of the mark set by Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead.


7 out of 10




2 responses to “This Is The End – Movie Review

  1. One of those comedies you have to see again, just to know what jokes or lines you may, or may not have missed out on the first time around. Good review.

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