Fast & Furious 6 – Movie Review

Let me preface this review by saying I haven’t seen the previous five installments of this franchise and had no intention of seeing this one, but was influenced by a desire to curry a little favor with my date for the evening, so off we went. It’s hard being male sometimes. That being said, I didn’t know that 1980s style action movies were still popular. Despite Stallone’s recent efforts, I thought we had thrown some dirt and perhaps passed some bodily fluid onto the coffin of this genre some time ago? No matter, if you are a fan this movie has all of the genre’s dated conventions firmly in place. A heavy dose of machismo (even from the female characters), a very thin plot, even thinner acting, superhuman effort by the protagonists, plot devices which are designed to justify the next action sequence, a three word catch phrase, explosions, car chases, a penultimate hand-to-hand combat scene and another bucket of machismo thrown in for good measure. If the main character was able to emote during action sequences like Stallone or Schwarzenegger, I’d consider this a nostalgic effort. It is, however, a reasonable representative of the genre and if you are a fan you’ll likely be entertained. If not and you are feeling adventurous enough to watch it anyway, prepare to be punched in the brain. Hard.


7 out of 10



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