Mud – Movie Review

I think this sums it up – it’s a good movie which is worth seeing, but I’d save it for a lazy Sunday afternoon at home versus seeing it in a Theatre. Is this movie like Huckleberry Finn? No, but I can see that this seminal work from Mark Twain did inspire/inform the filmmakers who made this movie. If you as a moviegoer are more interested in watching stuff get “blowed up real good”, then this film isn’t for you. It isn’t an art house film, but I feel like the moviegoer really needs to be a film lover to be able to enjoy it and savor all of the messages embedded within the storyline. That being said, the performances by the actors are brilliant, Matthew McConaughey in particular. This film, however, is just not as engaging as a “Stand By Me”, for example, and therefore it doesn’t fall into the Must See category for me.


7 out of 10




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