Wrap Up

The volunteer project wrapped up at the end of August and we now have a short (student) film which the kids can use to meet probationary requirements and college credits. An interesting experience and I truthfully wasn’t sure what to expect – I was on my best behavior, trying to set a good example which was in contrast to John’s approach to the project. One of our first assignments was at the Toronto Archives doing some research for the film, following which John suggested we all go to a bar for a few beers. I mean, all four of these kids have spent time in jail and are on probation, and John wants to drag them into a bar. Or, he’s telling them about the (film) industry parties and how easy it is to pick up insecure actresses and models. I suspect my idea of mentoring is a bit too rigid, but this was my first go-around, so no need to be too hard on myself. I’d like to pick up another project, but will focus on other things for the moment in an effort to balance out my time up here.



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