The volunteer work is going just about as expected with the exception of the time commitment. I was expecting to be busier, but am not complaining as I have plenty of other things going on. Last week I stacked a week long intensive creative writing course at the University of Toronto on top of what I had scheduled and it was a hectic week – I didn’t get to sleep before midnight all week, but it was worth it.

We have four kids attached to the project, all from under privileged backgrounds. Freddie is the most engaged of the bunch – bright, articulate, genuinely curious about all manner of things including the island. The remainder are just keeping the seats warm and only want to get through the project to satisfy probationary requirements. We’re still in the early stages of it though, so I’m hoping this changes. John, the project lead, has three projects on the go, one of which is dealing with homeless kids living in a shelter in Mississauga and he needs a hand, so I’ve volunteered my time starting later this week. John’s an interesting character; a heavy drinker and smoker, I get the impression he has heard one sad story too many and the well is now dry. Mental note to self: do what I came to do and then move on to the next thing, don’t stay too long.




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